John Law's Ticketbook book cover

John Law's Ticketbook

Next Time
Someone In Your Life is a Jerk
Don't Get Mad
Write Them a Ticket!

Ticketbook is dedicated to the proposition that everyone is entitled to be treated courteously and efficiently.

You know, fair and square. That means that a spouse be kind and loving.

That doctors, the police, your boss, motorists, waiters, neighbors, coworkers, fast food workers, and all others, treat you with civility and respect. When they don't measure up, write them a ticket.

Have you ever encountered a friend or a stranger who was rude, thoughtless, self-obsessed or just a pain in the ass? You know, a jackass. If so, we have just the ticket for your salvation. Ticketbook! is a book of tickets you can issue to the rude and obnoxious, edge takers, chiselers, parking space stealers, road ragers, bad drivers, bad bosses and line jumpers.

The last half of this book includes a bonus section with a different ticket you can issue to those selfish folks who park unlawfully in a handicapped only spot. It features a distinctive Handicapped Parking Emblem.

John Law's Ticketbook handicap placard

So next time someone violate the social contract: Namely, edge takers, chiselers, parking space stealers, road ragers, bad drivers, snippy fast food workers, bad bosses, line jumpers, a doctor who kept you waiting too long or the rude cop who just gave you a traffic ticket write them a ticket, Write them a ticket.

Ticket Book Details

Write a Ticket to the Rude and Obnoxious

Handicap Placard violation example
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