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The Ticket Book!

Triggered? Write a Ticket!

This book is dedicated to the proposition that everyone is entitled to be treated courteously and efficiently. You know, fair and square.

Ticketbook! is a book of tickets you can issue to people who violate the social contract: Edge takers, chiselers, parking space stealers, road ragers, bad drivers, snippy fast food workers, bad bosses, line jumpers even a doctor who kept you waiting too long or the rude cop who just gave you a traffic ticket.

So when someone doesn't measure up, write them a ticket.

Truth be told, once you have written a ticket you don't have to serve it. A valid and wise alternative would be to simply crumple it up and throw it away. This for the simple reason that writing a ticket is an effective way to vent anger and to provide catharsis.

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